Top 3 things to do in Amritsar – as listed by “cupidtravellers”

by - October 28, 2016

Hey Cupids,

Wish you all a very “Happy Diwali. “

So this post is about the “Top 3 things to do in Amritsar”.
So here goes:

1) A must visit to Golden Temple.

Whenever you visit Northern India then visiting Golden Temple should be in the top of your bucket list.
This beautiful temple made of marble, wood, copper and laden with gold has all the capabilities to turn an atheist into the belief that there might be some power with the help of which the people during that time built this beautiful worship place.
A beautiful temple surrounded by a very calm and peaceful lake with fishes will have a soothing effect on you.
To experience the beauty of this temple visit the temple during early morning and also in the evening.

Also this temple is the world’s largest free kitchen. Follow the link to know more:

2) If you are a historian and want to know more about India’s freedom from British Rule then visiting Jallianwala Bagh Masscare should come second in your list of “Top things to do in Amritsar”

Several pilgrims (of about 1000 in number) who had gathered to participate in the Baisakhi celebrations were brutally killed by the troops under the command of General Dyer.

3) If you are a foodie and has a craving to try different types of Parathas then you should try different types of Parathas that are available at the road side joints. Wonderful delicious food will always leave you in state of “To have more and again and again”
Again you can try “LASSI” (buttermilk) that is also available on several small shops / lorry’s along the road joints.
Try it and we are sure that you will simply “Love It”.
A very Good Bye and A Beautiful Diwali from “cupidtravellers”.
Dipika & DevD.

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