A trip to Northern India – Part 3 – Amritsar – The Golden Temple.

by - October 18, 2016

Hey Cupids,

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beautiful post monsoon season.

Today we would like to continue and extend further our sequel to “A trip to Northern India “

So after spending our leisure time at Jammu and enjoying a wonderful nature’s paradise we “The backpackers” packed our rucksacks and hopped on to a train that took us to a beautiful place in northwestern India called “Amritsar” – meaning “pool of ambrosial nectar.”

When we reached Amritsar we knew which places we were about to visit.

What we didn’t knew was the charm, elegance, a picturesque temple surrounded by a lake and most importantly a simple undisturbed meditation abode that we experienced.

We reached Amritsar at night and booked a hotel just a few steps away from “The Golden Temple.”

A religious place – “The Golden Temple “was built by the fourth Sikh Guru and is also knows as

“Shri Harmandir Sahib”.

Follow this link to know more about this mesmerizing temple.

After leaving our bags at the hotel we decided to visit this temple at night and what we witnessed left us almost spellbound.

See these pictures yourself to get fascinated by the immense beauty this temple offered.
This temple, laden with shining yellow metal truly reflects and explains why the Ancient India was called
“The Golden Bird”.
This temple is made of masonry, marble, wood, gold, copper and most importantly immense hard word that people during those times had put in to build this amazing temple.
We will give an extra credit to this beautifully built temple than other monuments because this temple was destroyed on numerous occasions by looters and each time was rebuilt into a more beautiful monument by Sikhs.
After all fame, fortune and power matter little in the light of bravery, integrity and persistence.
Just flip these pics and get enchanted by this majestic temple.

These pictures were taken by us at night and trust us they are doing a very little justice to the beauty that this place offered.
Next day morning we all woke up with roosters Cock-a-doodle-doo and several birds chirping as if telling us to get our butts off the bed and get ready for another splendid and a nonpareil view of this beautiful temple.
At dawn this wonderful marvel offered us a completely different look than what we saw at night.
We visited Golden Temple during winters and in the morning it was way chilling experience.
The feel of our bare feet touching the cool marble stones, sight of gorgeous fishes swimming in the lake, the calmness and tranquility that this place offered gave our eyes a soothing experience and we immediately realized that this place can be a perfect meditation retreat for us.
Just 10-15 minutes of meditation can clear your mind of all the negative thoughts and can recharge and rejuvenate you with vitality at its peak.
Go through the pics of this temple we took in the morning and go through the complete post to know some unbelievable wonderful facts about this temple.

Unbelievable facts:
1) Besides being a temple, this religious place is world’s largest free kitchen serving hot meals ( known as langar ) free of cost to all the devotees and all the people who comes to visit this place. The meals are vegetarian and full of nutrition.
2) This langar at the golden temple serves a massive number of about 50,000 to 60,000 a day.
3) Usually majority of the people who work over here are volunteers and with the help of some permanent people they ensure that food is cooked on time and the quality and hygiene is maintained.
4) Anyone can work as volunteers over here.
5) The golden temple has more number of visitors than “The Taj Mahal “ in an year.
6) British Government performed a series of continuous prayers at Golden Temple during the first world war.
7) This temple is built for people hailing from any religion and 40% people visiting this temple are non-Sikhs.
Sounds fascinating…..Isn’t it? So when are you visiting this profound and wonderful place.
Stay connected as we write another post on “Top things to do in Amritsar“.


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