Top Places to Visit in Diu

by - November 07, 2017

As soon as we reached Diu we checked in the hotel and packed our small backpacks and went for sightseeing. Why not? We ain’t got ourselves vaccinated against the travel bug -;)

The hotel staff at the Radhika Beach Resort arranged a wonderful drive for us just at Rs 1200/- for four hours.

The driver covered almost all the places of Diu. We had even visited Diu earlier during 2012.Hence we will combine pictures and information of our previous trip as well.



1) Diu Fort

Have you relaxed way too much and got bored with laziness. Is the inner mischievous devil in you want to play around and get tired so that you can get a good nights sleep.

Then we are sure that this fort will come to your rescue.

This fort is so huge that exploring each and every part of the fort can get your legs loose its tune.

Well you might even get lost in this fort if you decide to catch up with the group or your partner later.

Such huge is this fort. This fort was built by the Portuguese during their Colonial Rule.

Go through the link to know more.

Diu Fort

Because of its rich history and wonderful architectural work Diu Fort comes in the list of “Top places to visit in Diu “


2) Naida Caves
Outside the city wall of Diu are located Naida Caves. These caves have big network of tunnels which are yet to be fully explored. These caves work wonders for photographers and can be a photographers paradise.
 Explore these caves while clicking pics along these caves.
During our visit to these caves we spotted many grooms and brides ( to be ) enjoying their pre wedding photoshoot.

3) Gangeshwar Temple
So at third place comes a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva called Gangeshwar temple.
It is a very rare temple where we see Panch Lingas made by Pandavas. With shimmer light the five lingas
Look so beautiful and the water comes and touches the Lingas which will give you a memorable experience.

When we got out of the temple we clicked beautiful pics.


4) St.Pauls Church

St Paul’s church has a beautiful architectural work and intricate carvings that will leave you awestruck.
Sit quietly, pray to the lord ,confess your sins ( if you have committed any -;) and enjoy beautiful photography.


5) Sunset point in Diu.

Want to have deep conversations with your loved ones, are you baffled whether your loved ones will accept your proposal? Just take him or her to this beautiful sunset point where the charm of the atmosphere will surely turn the destiny in your favor.

A pure amalgamation of utter bliss, serendipity and mesmerizing views of sun, sand and sea will modify your definition of tranquility.

6) Nagoa Beach
Last but not the least comes the beautiful beach of Nagoa.
Very fine crystalline sand  that would make your feet in love with it, your body continuously craving for the waters of this pristine beach, you will surely lose track of time whenever you are indulged with the attached activities at this beach.
This plam fringed beach is a hypnotic beach and a magical one bestowed with awesomeness, exquisiteness and exotic ambience.
You will definitely not want to get out of the water once you start bathing in the waters of this beach.
A beautiful beach filled with many tourists from around the world flocking during the season, this beach also has several water sports like parasailing, banana ride and motor boat sailing for crazy adventure enthusiasts.

 Dipika & DevD -:)


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  1. Diu looks really beautiful place... excellent pics of you 2 also...

    there is a problem in DIU FORT link in Point 1