A trip to Northern India – Part 5 – To the capital city of India – New Delhi - Visit to LOTUS TEMPLE

by - November 18, 2016

Happy Winter Cupids,

So after spending our leisure time at Qutb Complex our guts still craved to visit another beautiful monument that would still keep us bewildered that how these wonderful places are constructed.


Keeping in view the above we started looking and asking people which other place to visit.

Have you come across any such incident wherein it was not certain and planned to visit a place but you did on the advice of the local people and later got so frantic that you almost lost the sense of time.


The same happened with us when we visited Lotus Temple.

So when you guys hear the word temple what do you expect?

Off course a beautiful idol of some God and all people present in the temple offering their prayers to that God.


Well the Lotus temple doesn’t have any idol. It doesn’t mean that no prayers are offered. Well the only reason is that people are free to worship any God or any religion in this temple. It believes in Oneness of God, Oneness of religion and most importantly Oneness of all Humanity.


This thought and a more broader and mature view towards religion and God was one of the reasons that this beautifully constructed monument makes it to the list of

“Top places to visit New Delhi “. Off course its beautiful construction was the second reason.

This beautiful temple also called Bahai House of worship is made of 27 petals made of marble and has nine doors that lead to a common prayer hall.

I read somewhere that this marble was imported from Greece and we almost got enchanted when we felt the coolness of the marble between our feet and the floor.


This temple is visited by more than 10,000 people a day and 4 million people every year.

Hence sometimes this temple is even called the Taj Mahal of New Delhi.


Had a very hectic day at office, home, traffic and noise pollution and going through a predicament in your life. Pay a visit to this temple and rejuvenate your mind. Chant the mantra of “ AUM “ and dump and free your souls from all the worries and leave this temple with a fresh and energetic body ,mind and soul.

What else…..? Well that’s not all folks, this elegantly and beautifully constructed monument is one of the first and few temples in Delhi that uses solar power.

Get yourself greeted by a beautiful lake and a wonderful garden when you enter this temple.

The timings are 9:30 am till 5:30 pm in winter and till 7 pm during summers. It remains open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Monday.

You can reach this amazing temple by metro. The nearest metro is Kalkaji Mandir on the violet line. From here one has to take a cab or rickshaw.


So next time you visit Delhi please keep aside a special time so that you can have a completely different experience of this grandeur worship place as sometimes it is important to think back and reminisce on what indelible treasures you have experienced.

So that's all Cupids.

Stay tuned for the next post on " One of the most Amazing wonders of the world with a story of love behind it" in our next segment of  "A trip to Northern India "



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