Marvels of Gujarat Part 2

by - June 21, 2016

Rani Ki Vav (The queen of the step wells of India)

I never believed that a step well can be so big ,until I saw this one. Beautifully constructed and with brilliant architectural work this step well is the Queen of all wells which is situated in Patan,Gujarat. Patan is about  127kms from Ahmedabad and about 34 kms from the Sun temple. You can go there after visiting the Sun temple at Modhera and then return to Ahmedabad.( if you want to catch a train or flight from Ahmedabad ).This step well built in third millennium BC comes under the UNESCOS world Heritage sites.
Follow the link to learn more:

Please go to visit this place during the day time so that you can enjoy the beautiful carvings of this great archeological place. Also this place is situated in slightly remote/village area so turn on the GPS if you have. Or else be ready to ask the directions to the people in local language ( i.e Gujarati ) or Hindi.

The step wells in Gujarat and Rajasthan were built as it served many purposes. It was used to store water and this water was used for bathing and washing, provide shelter to the travelers from the scorching heat of the sun. In the past there were no hotels to stay and travelers used to spend some time over here. Such kind of wells were also called stopovers.

Women used to gather over here and have leisure time discussing daily routines.

These wells were also preferred venues for sacred rituals.

I will not write more on this and will let the pictures do the talking.

A short introduction of this great work.

Beautiful carvings and sculptures  of Lord Vishnu and Apsaras ( Nymph )  on the walls.

Isn’t she looking beautiful…………..Wait I am talking about the Step well and its carvings. J

Just loved the different type of designs on the walls.

Stairs in the entrance of the step well.

Adalaj Ki Vav ( A step well with a tale of love and enmity behind it )

After spending some leisure time at the queen of wells, we went to Adalajs step well.

Adalaj is a village close to Ahmedabad. This well is about 5 stories deep.

Just imagine the amount of water it can store. It was built in 1499.

This step well has a story behind it.

As per the legend:

Initially the construction of this step well was started by Hindu ruler king named Rana Veer Singh.

His kingdom was attacked by Muslim ruler named Mohammed Begda.

The Rana king was killed and his kingdom was taken over by Mohammed Begda.

The widow of Rana Veer Singh ,a beautiful lady ,agreed to marry Muslim ruler on his proposal

but on the condition to complete the work and construction of the step well.

After the construction of the well was complete the queen didn’t married to the Muslim king

but instead jumped into the well and ended her life.

The Muslim ruler didn’t destroyed the well as it is said that he was truly in love with the queen.

Wonderful story…………Well anyone can make a movie on this. J


I would suggest that you guys should plan to visit this well first and later

Rani Ki Vav – The queen of step wells.

Because if you will visit the Queen of wells ( i.e the step well in Patan ) first then

you will not be able to enjoy the well of Adalaj.

The carvings of step well at Patan supersedes much than that of step well at Adalaj.

Once you have seen the Queen of step wells in Patan then all the other wells will look

like a baby in front of this well.

 However the Adalajs step well is a good amalgamation of Hindu

and Muslim cultures, architecture and carvings.


You can learn about this well by following the link:

You can learn about this well by following the link:

The entrance of this well.

Stay connected and keep looking for our next post.

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