Top Hotel in Diu

Hey Cupids,

Hope you all are doing well.

Recently we made a short trip of two nights to one of the most beautiful union territories of India with pristine beaches that probably recharged us and filled with vigor.

This weekend gateway became more amiable because of the splendid hotel that we chose for two nights.

A superb beach side hotel where you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise….Off course if you are an early bird or can try to be one for few of the mornings and Greet Sun with stupendous energy.

The hotel which we are talking about and would love to recommend to all if you are staying at Diu.A mesmerizing swimming pool, wonderful breakfast, a well-coordinated staff who exactly knows what their guests want, beautifully decorated rooms and beautiful beach waiting to drench you – the beach that is just outside of the hotel.

What else do you want in your hotel which you have chosen for your beach vacation where fun & frolic will be at its galore?

Stay in Radhika – Beach Resort and get indulge…

Visiting Elephanta Caves

After about two months of boredom and an eager urge to travel, we took a couple of days leave, hopped onto a small cute ferry and began our journey from the Gate of Mumbai to an island called Elephanta Island or Gharapuri.

This spectacular island located on an Arm of Arabian Sea is a home to beautiful caves called Elephanta Caves, the caves which are assumed be built between 5th to 8th century and by whom…., well that’s still a mystery.

A trip to Northern India – Part 6 – Taj Mahal, Agra.

Hey Cupids,

So talking about the demonetization across India and the hardships and problems the travelers have to go through as 500 and 1000 Currency Denominations are not accepted, hope this step by the Prime Minister brings good results. Once upon a time when these currency notes were accepted ( -J ) , I would like to narrate a wonderful and unforgettable trip that we had to one of the most beautiful wonders of the world and also this will be the last segment of “A trip to Northern India”.
So after visiting Delhi, we hopped on the train that took us to Agra which is about 195 to 200 kms from Delhi.
Once you hear the name of Agra, the picture that immediately brushes your mind will be of the wonderful monument know as TAJ MAHAL.

Love often knows no boundaries and when you see a monument like this your mind will immediately get indulged in a broader definition of love. In the Bollywood and during school and college time we had seen lovers ( or would rather say cupids ) presenting each other…

A trip to Northern India – Part 5 – To the capital city of India – New Delhi - Visit to LOTUS TEMPLE

Happy Winter Cupids,

So after spending our leisure time at Qutb Complex our guts still craved to visit another beautiful monument that would still keep us bewildered that how these wonderful places are constructed.

Keeping in view the above we started looking and asking people which other place to visit.

Have you come across any such incident wherein it was not certain and planned to visit a place but you did on the advice of the local people and later got so frantic that you almost lost the sense of time.

The same happened with us when we visited Lotus Temple.

So when you guys hear the word temple what do you expect?

Off course a beautiful idol of some God and all people present in the temple offering their prayers to that God.

Well the Lotus temple doesn’t have any idol. It doesn’t mean that no prayers are offered. Well the only reason is that people are free to worship any God or any religion in this temple. It believes in Oneness of God, Oneness of religion and most importantly Oneness o…

A trip to Northern India – Part 4 – To the capital city of India – New Delhi.Visit to Qutub Minar – UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

Hey Cupids,

So with the beginning of winter season, we would like to recall our trip to New Delhi – the capital city of India after we bid adieu to unforgettable city and unforgettable memories we had in Amritsar.

Being the month of January it was too way chilling and completely different weather experience for us.

However as usual the peace of mind and joy that emerged through travelling was at its peak.

Commuting in Delhi is way too easy and also cheap because of the speedy and comfortable metro trains ------However beware of the peak hours or be intrepid enough to make your way through the huddle of people.

We first went to the beautiful temple of Akshardham – a beautiful temple that not only depicts Hinduism values, culture and tradition but also it’s a sumptuous example of the architectural work and dedication put in by the people.

Visit the link to know more:

Photography is not allowed inside the temple and hence no pictures were taken by us.

Don’t forget to witness a gorgeous…